Bed Bug Bites

Bed Bug Bites: Wondering if the itchy, red bumps on your skin are bed bug bites? The following article on bed bug bites symptoms and treatment will cover some information on this creepy crawlies.

Bed bugs are like tiny vampires that can sneak up anywhere and infest your home and office. These are master travelers that can go around the world looking for their next meal, a warm-blooded creature. You may wake up in the morning with some itchy, red, raised bumps that look like a mosquito bite. So how can you differentiate between a bed bug bite and mosquito bite? There are some bed bug bite symptoms that you should watch out and take appropriate bed bug treatment.

You can read a bit more in detail on where do bed bugs come from and know more about what do bed bug bites look like.

Bed Bug Bite Symptoms


A typical mosquito bite will be felt instantly like a sting. You will feel the mosquito suck your blood and feel itchy immediately. But in case of a bed bug bite symptom, you will not feel the bed bug bite for about one hour. The bed bug has anesthetic saliva that contains anticoagulants and anesthetics that prevent the blood from clotting. This bed bug bite rash feels itchy after about an hour and in some cases after a few days or weeks. The appearance of the rash depends on the response of the body to the chemicals secreted.

The next bed bug bite symptom is the red, small and round bumpy rash on the skin. This rash is more swollen than mosquito bites. You will observe this itchy rash on your arms, shoulders, legs in straight rows as opposed to the other insect bites. The bed bugs tend to move away with the slightest twitch of their victim. They begin feeding again which results in the bites present in a row.

Bed Bug Bites Treatment

Bed bugs feed for about 3 to 15 minutes, sucking on the blood from the human flesh. They can bite around almost anywhere on your body, arms, legs, torso, neck, and face. You can breathe a sigh of relief as the bed bug bites do not transmit any disease. The only complication that can arise from the bed bug bite is if the person bit is sensitive to the bite. The saliva of the bed bug may cause an allergic reaction in the person’s body. The bed bug bite treatment involves alleviating the itchiness. You need to apply calamine lotion to help the itching stop. You may also take Benadryl to help get some relief. If you develop some allergic reactions or infection due to continuous itching, visit the doctor immediately and seek medical guidance for treating bed bug bites.

Bed Bug Bite Prevention

You cannot prevent being bitten by a bed bug, but you can prevent an infestation. You need to wash your bed linens regularly in hot water. Vacuum your house properly. Vacuum not only the floor, but the mattresses, cervices in the bed frame, furniture, and wall. You can cover your mattresses with a plastic cover and check your bed for bed bugs regularly. You can call in pest control to help get rid of bed bugs permanently. There are many insecticidal sprays available in the market that will help you in getting rid of bed bugs.

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This was some information on bed bug bites. Although you won’t need any bed bug bites treatment normally, the red, bumps on the skin become very embarrassing. The bed bugs tend to leave a trail of black spots on the walls, bedsheets, furniture, etc. that is their fecal matter. This means its time to act fast against these tiny blood-sucking vampires. Till you suffer bed bug bites in your home, you will never be able to ‘sleep tight’.




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