flying termites

Best Pest Control: Termites

flying termites


The best pest control products are readily available in different commercial markets and stores. They are sold in different brands of different types. Some are sold as powders and sprays while some are in the form of baits. However, most people are disappointed with the results. Some people find it expensive when in fact it is not. You should be aware that each termite treatment has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the usage.

It is very important to know as to what type of pest control product is to be used in a given situation. For instance, boric acid is a wood treatment used to prevent termite infestations. If termites are already munching on wood, boric acid is not a good option. You should be using sprays and baits instead.

Choosing the best pest control product according to your area and its condition will definitely save you time and money. There is a lot of doing it yourself products sold out there but do you know their purpose?

Do you know what to buy?

Do you know how to use them effectively?

Beforehand, you should first investigate your house. What’s the purpose of applying commercial pest control products when they are not in your place? Termites might be small but they are seen by the naked eye. In addition, one can easily identify a termite infestation. Here are the possible

signs of termite infestation in your house:

  • Mud tunnels
  • Small holes
  • Termite droppings
  • Shed of unequal wings
  • Wood damages (drywood termites )

Borate Wood Treatment


Wood is very delicate but it is termite’s favorite food source. Borate wood treatment acts as a wood preservative to protect it against destructive wood-destroying pests such as termites. It is used in different settings and different types of wood. Boracare gained popularity because of its effectiveness. It does not only give protection on the outside but it treats the wood deep inside. It does not only prevent termite infestations but also treats fungi and molds.

How do I apply this type of product? This question really makes sense. It is important to know how the product should be applied to achieve maximum results. You should make sure that the wood is permeable so that the treatment can reach the wood interior. Do not apply it on painted woods, as well as, tainted and varnished woods. The coating will not allow the treatment to penetrate deeply. You can make them permeable by using sandpaper.

Remember, borate wood treatment is not a treatment method but it is a preventive measure. It is not useful anymore if the infestation is already there.

Termite Bait System

Best Pest Control-

Best Pest Control2

The baiting system is very effective if it is used correctly. It controls termites until they are eradicated completely. Two types of infestation are considered before using the baiting system. First, worker termites are actively destroying woods inside your house from a colony outside. Baits are effective against this as they would still travel distances to reach destinations. Second, an offset colony is already inside your house. Baits will have problem against this one. This type of infestation is already considered severe and it should be treated by a professional.

Baits should be strategically set at the areas where termites usually travel and hide. Aside from that, you should drill deep holes for these baits; enough reach the termites beneath the ground. This will minimize their population until they are completely eradicated. Termite baiting system can also act as a termite barrier by surrounding your perimeter with several baits. Setting up baits every 10 feet completes the barrier.

Termite Foam

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Best Pest Control1

Termite foam is better than termite sprays. Why? Termite foam can travel through small passages in cracks and voids; unlike sprays that dries up in just a few seconds. It can reach the deepest part of the voids where insects usually hide. You can buy aerosol cans or you can make foam by using liquid termite control products.

Termite foam should be used with proper types of equipment. Though there are readily available aerosol cans, it is a lot cheaper to mix your own foam and put it on a commercial sprayer. Aside from that, it is also advisable to wear protective garments such as gloves, masks, boots, and so on. Keep this away from children to avoid accidents.

There are actually a lot more. Powders are also good at killing colonies of termites because of their transfer effect. Any termite that comes in contact with the powder can carry the powder, thus, killing everyone that comes close to it until the colony is being eradicated.

However, when things get worse than what you actually planned to, contact the best pest control [1] company in your area. Have your house checked by experts and let them do the job.


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