Carpenter Ants and the Places They Hide

Carpenter Ants and the Places They Hide


Learn about how to detect the presence of carpenter ants and instructions for carpenter ants.

Carpenter ants have become more common than most people realize. Due to climate change and other variable factors, carpenter ants have started to be seen across many residential areas around the globe. The US is particularly impacted across the southern portion of the country. This in effect has caused a lot of distress among many households across these states as they are anxiously looking for carpenter ant treatments that are affordable and effective.

Normally, you would only expect to find carpenter ants in the wild. The most common place would be in a moist area that is full of trees and other plant life. Carpenter ants are known to build their colonies in trees by eating their way through to the center. Seeing as more people in the United States of America have also started to grow a lot of trees and plants in their back yards, it has become quite common for many homes to find themselves infested with carpenter ants as well.

Carpenter ants are known to be good migrators. They are known to be able to travel the size of a football field just to look for food. If your household is affected by carpenter ants, the likelihood is that they have come from a nearby area; most probably your own backyard.

There are many ways by which you can detect whether or not your household is affected by carpenter ants. The best way to detect them is by visibly seeing them. Carpenter ants are known to be a quarter of an inch in size. They are much larger than your average ants and are known to have a dark black color; making them visible from quite a distance. One of the things about carpenter ants is that you will not be able to see them during the day.

Carpenter ants are only known to work during the night which is why they are hardly ever noticed. If your house is infested by carpenter ants, it is common to hear noises during the late hours of the night. Other ways of detecting whether or not your house is infested by carpenter ants are by looking for webbings and small insect particles such as food near wooded areas in the house.

The kitchen is also another great place to spot carpenter ants. They are known to feed on leftover foods that may be found lying around on the floor. Many carpenter ants are known to come and collect food from the kitchen floor, shelves and even near the trash can area.

Other ways of detecting carpenter ants are by looking for sawdust near wooden furniture. Seeing as carpenter ants are known to eat their way through to make a place to stay for their colony, this is also another common feature. There are many different carpenter ant treatments that one can use in order to effectively get rid of such ants. The process, however, is known to take quite some time though.


Destroying Carpenter Ants’ Nests:  keys to identifying carpenter ants and their nest so you can create your own carpenter ants extermination plan.


Big black ants are called carpenter ants and although their name stands for building furniture, these ants, on the contrary, destroy furniture and foundational boards made of wood. These ants pose no threat when they are outdoors, however, when they make their way into your house, getting rid of ants is crucial.

Black Ants in House

It’s quite common to find black ants in houses in winter or spring foraging around the house for food. Black carpenter ants do not eat wood, instead, nest in it and burrow their way deep into the wood to find a home, as a result of destroying the wood. Small tin ant traps or ant poisons do not work on carpenter ants. Then how to get rid of carpenter ants in the house?

Just nabbing the ants with some home remedy to kill ants is not sufficient. These carpenter ants usually have their nests somewhere outside the house, in a dead tree, etc. It is important to trace their nest and destroy the problem from its root because 90% of the ants do not leave their nests and just keep multiplying. Thus, finding the nest is extremely important, however, this is easier said than done.

To locate the nest, be prepared to go on an ant house hunt at night because this is the time when ants are most active. Just take some honey and dilute it with water. Apply this diluted honey mixture on the non-sticky side of masking tape and allow the ants to feed on the sugary treat. Wait and watch for their return journey. Follow them with dust insecticide as your destructive weapon. Once you reach the nest, apply the dust insecticide directly into the nest cavity. If the ants lead you to avoid in the wall, throw boric acid into the opening. The conventional boric acid for ants will work. Drilling may be required to maximize contact with the nest.

How to Get Rid of Black Ants in House

Destruction of the nest is the best way to get rid of carpenter ants. Now, to ensure they do not return again, one needs to carry out a few measures.

Get Rid of Decaying Wood

Carpenter ants are lured towards moist wooden structures that are decaying. To stop the invasion from these nasty ants, get rid of any decaying wooden structures. Repair damaged wood if possible and discard the irreparable ones. Seal any holes or openings through which the ants can enter the house.

Store Firewood Properly

Often firewood houses carpenter ants, so check the wood and discard if required. Moreover, do not store firewood at ground level. Do not even store it in the garage, instead of stack it in an elevated area on concrete blocks, where ants will not be attracted easily. Keep a check on your firewood on and off for signs of carpenter ants.

Clip Branches Touching the House

Often carpenter ants find their way into the house via extending branches that lead them to windows and crevices in the house. It’s important to clip off all such branches. Moreover, one should discard dead decaying wood such as logs, waste wood, etc. from the vicinity. Installing a stone strip around your house is also a good idea as this prevents scope for the ants to enter the house.

If you have not succeeded in locating the carpenter ant’s nest, seek professional help. These professionals have a lot of experience in locating nests of black ants in the house and will get rid of the problem for you.


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