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Carpenter Ants Treatments

Read about the most reliable forms of treatments for carpenter ants and how you can rid your home of the insects with carpenter ants .

the environment

Because more households have found themselves infected with carpenter ants, it has become quite common for them to look for the most effective carpenter ant treatments that they can use. Carpenter ants have become quite common in many parts of the world, especially in the southern part of the United States. The ants have been able to thrive in this region because of the moist environment and plenty of access to the food and shelter that they prefer, which includes the houses of the region! Carpenter ants extermination has become a sizable industry in this region of the country because of the environmental conditions.

where are carpenter ants found?



Carpenter ants are normally found in wild areas. The most common place to find carpenter ants is in moist rainforests or places where there is a lot of greenery; especially trees. Seeing as many households in America are known to have big back yards that are usually decorated with trees and plants, this is one of the main reason as to why such a large number of been seen in these areas. There are many different types of carpenter ant treatments that are currently available in the market.

protection and Treatment

Seeing as carpenter ants are known to originate from areas of greenery, one approach of carpenter ants treatments that has become quite popular is using a mechanical approach. Most households are known to have their trees too close to their house or their back yard wooden deck. This creates a ‘bridge’ which makes it much easier for carpenter ants to travel into one’s household. Ideally, if you have any trees that are too close to your house, you should cut them down and plant new ones towards the back end wall of your yard.

Carpenter Ants Treatments

Other mechanical Carpenter Ants Treatments that you could adopt is cutting down trees completely and only sticking to smaller plants. You could also try building steel or concrete barriers that completely segregated your back yard from the back end of your house. This would also ensure that carpenter ants are no longer able to enter into your house. The only problem with mechanical carpenter ant treatments is that they are only effective for those that have spotted their problem early on.

Carpenter Ants Treatments spray or dust

Carpenter Ants Treatments, If you are a person that has been suffering from carpenter ants for quite some time now and has seen a few in your house, you will be required to try other alternatives. The other common carpenter ant treatments that can be used involve using a spray or dust. There are a number of products available in the market at the current moment in time that can effectively be used.

If you do decide to use a spray, it is important that you make sure that it offers good results. Certain sprays for carpenter ants are known to be more effective than others. Simply spraying your house however will not completely eliminate all carpenter ants. You will be required to locate the source and eliminate them for each specific area.

If your situation is quite worse, you might be required to seek some form of professional help as well. There are many professional exterminators that specifically deal in eliminating carpenter ants. Most of them can be found online.


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