Carpenter Ants Versus Termites

Carpenter Ants Versus Termites


Carpenter Ants



Read this article to learn the differences between carpenter ants and termites.  Know the difference before you launch a carpenter ants extermination plan.

Carpenter ants have become quite common in many households in the warmer climate of this day and age. Many are mistaken for termites because of the fact that they also consume wood. Carpenter ants were previously only known to be found only in the wild due to the habitat that they required to live. The most common areas where you would normally find carpenter ants would be in rainforests and heavily wooded environments. The two most favored conditions which carpenter ants enjoy living in are moist and woody. Due to the dramatic climate change and other factors beyond our control, it has become quite common for people to find themselves with carpenter ants in their very own homes.

As a result, many people have been known to look at various carpenter ant treatments that are currently available in the market. Before one looks for carpenter ant treatments, it is very important to understand carpenter ants in more detail in order to be able to get rid of them effectively. There is a common misconception amongst house owners that carpenter ants are practically the same as termites. This, however, is not the case.

Termites are known to eat wood as part of their diet. Carpenter ants, on the other hand, are only known to eat wood to make a place to live. Their forms of diet are known to range across a number of other alternatives. Either way, carpenter ants are still known to cause a lot of damage in one’s home in a number of ways. Carpenter ants are known to travel in large colonies. They are usually known to locate hollow wooden areas usually in the form of furniture, doors, and windows.

Carpenter ants are also known to target areas that are quite moist as well as it gives them similar conditions to their natural habitat. One of the best ways to get rid of carpenter ants is by making sure that they do not come to your residence in the first place. Seeing as carpenter ants are becoming quite common amongst many states in America, many household owners have started taking precautions in advance before they are affected by the same problem.

All carpenter ants are known to come from wooded outdoor areas. Most of them are known to make their colonies in tree arks by eating their way into it. It is quite easy to spot whether or not you have carpenter ants in or nearby your home. They are usually a quarter inch in size and are known to be the color black. They are much larger than the ordinary-sized ants that you would normally see around in the summer months.

Carpenter ants are known to remain all year round as long as they have a place that they can call home. To prevent carpenter ants from entering your house in the first place, it is advised that you block any entrances by which they can enter your house in the first place. The most common areas through which carpenter ants are known to come into the house are usually through door and window gaps.


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