winged termite

DIY Termite Treatments for Termites in the Ceiling  


winged termite


DIY termite treatments, One of the hot spots for termites is the ceiling. It has enough food sources and moisture. However,

can termites really penetrate through the ceilings? Of course yes! In most cases, termites that are found in the ceilings are drywood termites. They fly to look for new dwelling places and your ceiling looks appealing to them.

Termites in the Ceiling

Drywood termites are very cunning. They build their colonies in the interior of the woods. Their colonies are not that big compared to subterranean termites making them more unnoticeable. In addition, they do not totally destroy the wood. This makes your house termite-free from the outside but totally damaged in the inside. At times, the most destructive subterranean termites can reach your ceilings through tunnel networks in the interior of your walls. They crawl and feed hidden beneath the wood as they penetrate through your ceiling.

signs of termite

 DIY termite treatments

DIY termite treatments

These are some of the early signs of termite infestations on the ceilings; mud tunnels heading to your ceiling, termite droppings from ceiling, holes on your ceiling, damaged wood heading to your ceiling, and many more. Your ceiling might get weak over time and be destroyed.

Take time to inspect your house for early termite infestations to prevent severe damages. Even though you applied termite pre-treatment, your house will always be at risk especially to Drywood termites. It is best to make scheduled check-ups.

termite treatments


Termites in the ceiling can be treated with DIY termite treatments. One of the easiest ways is by using sprays. Termite killing sprays contain harmful/toxic chemicals that can kill termites directly. Just spray the product all over the infested areas. Another method is the termite baiting. It is a method wherein the deadly chemicals are applied to their food source. The chemical will react at the moment they have eaten the baited wood. Using powder killing termites are also very effective. It contains lethal chemicals that can kill termites over time. Sprinkle lice killing powder on visible termites.  Termites that are exposed to the powder will wander around exposing the powder to other termites. In most cases, it can kill a whole colony.

Considering the cost, you can also use household treatments. Table salt solution can kill termites. Put loads of table salt in a container and mix it with hot water just enough to dissolve the salt. Put the solution in sprayer bottles or syringes. Apply the solution to termites. It can also be used as a preventive measure. Inject the solution throughout your perimeter. Laundry bleach is an effective termite killer. It contains chemicals that can kill them. On the other hand, boric acid can be used to destroy the digestive tracts of termites leaving them starving to death. You can also add table salt to the boric acid to increase efficacy. Water-displacing lubricants can also suffocate termites if sprayed all over [1].

DIY termite treatments can be cost-efficient and effective but always remember to provide safety measures. It may not contain very harmful chemicals but it can irritate your skin. Also, keep your children away from the areas being treated to avoid untimely accidents.


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