Flying Termites facts , do termites fly ?

Ants are great creatures and present all around the world. Ants have different types and species. Among them, Termite is the one which has a unique physique and somehow different properties. Termite is the one that is referred to as a wooden eater ant. This property has made termite so famous all around the globe. Among all the classes of the termites, it is the flying termite that is so humble and pious ants.

Flying Termites and wood:

A humorous line; what flavors do termites like best? Chair-y

When you find that termites are heading to your home so you may get confused that your woods are going to be finished now. Well, that is not true. Termites have types and they work in that way. Especially when you see the swarmers termites so they are those who are not there to eat the wood but just for the production or propagation of species. They are only to keep the termites existing in the world by increasing their numbers.

When it comes to the worker termites so they are those who have to do the action. They are at your home to attack and eat the wood. They can make huge damage to buildings because their work is to eat wood. Therefore, this category is referred to the eating termite. So, be aware of the flying termite and you have to look at everything with great care to keep your furniture protected against them.

Flying Termites Bite


do Flying Termites Bite? There is a different statement which can be found by people about the harmful characteristics of termites. If you want to know that flying termite bite or not then you need to understand one simple thing. They are the one who has different types. When it comes about the solider termites so they are those who can bite for their defense. But other types of flying termites only eat the wood and for their living sometimes they also attack other insects. Termites certainly bite wood and do attack insects, but they do not try to bite people.

Flying Termites Lifespan

termites flying

termites flying


Flying termites are known as powerful and long lively insects [ 1 ]. When it comes to the worker termites so they are those who have a short lifespan. Soldier termites can live up to 2 years according to scientists. Because they have to work day and night 24/7 to carry out their living and have to fulfill their assigned duties.

But the queen of flying termites has a different lifespan. They can live longer than any other ant. Queens can have a lifespan of about 5 decades. This makes them the long-lasting insect when compared to other types of insects in the world.

What Do Flying Termites Look Like?

Do you know what do flying termites look like? Termites with wings are known to be the most famous type of termites. The characteristics that make them attractive is their physical appearance.

Flying termites are different in appearance from other flying insects and can be recognized by examining them closely.

  • Usually, flying termites emerge in the identical tan color as the other termite classes.
  • They have two antennae which are usually straight with a minor curve and have two sets of wings that are equal in length and white and translucent in color.
  • Flying termites come out in a range of colors depending on the same varieties.

Furthermore, looking at the physique they can be divided into the given three categories:

Color of Flying Termites:

The color of termites is usually light which shows that they are the worker termites. They have to work and have to perform the assigned duties. However, flying termites have usually the light color and sometimes the dark brown color as well. The color of the termites varied depending on the species. Moreover, if it is about the light color so it helps the termites to leave the nest as soon as possible. Because in light color they are more eager to get the moisture.

Size of Termites:

When it comes to the size of the termites so here is a different story. They have a changing size depending on their species. Usually flying termites have a size of ¼ to almost 3/8 inches depending on the species. This site is for the flying termites however other types can have different size as well.

Physical Shape:

Termites have usually four wings and also they have two Antennas. The difference between them is that their Antennas are straight but when it comes to other ants so they have the curved or bent type of Antenna. This is the specialty of flying termites. Moreover, the waist of flying termites is also what is called to be a straight waist. The wings of the flying termites are also equally distributed in size. This is what makes them unique and different when it is compared with all the other ants. Because other ants don’t have the straight waist and also the wings of the other ants are not equal sizes. Other ants have different sized wings but termites have equal-sized wings.

Flying termites attracted to light   !!!


do Flying termites attracted to light? Termites are considered to be closer to light. It is their property that they can be attracted to light and therefore they are found near to light sources. Mostly when it rains so after that they are found. But one amazing factor about their property is that although they can be attracted to light still they don’t have enough capacity to fly smoothly. For flying they need to follow the direction of the air. They are air dependent on flying from one place to another. Most of the termites, therefore, can be found near to their nests as their flying capacity is not much. In short, yes the flying termites attracted to light and mostly the white and yellow color lights.



These are different terms that can be termed about termites but they are unique. Worker termites sometimes work for 24/7 without sleeping. Sometimes they need to continue their working for about one to two years. That makes them the hardworking ants and they are special when compared to other ants as they have so much amount of protein in them. Almost more protein when compared to any other ant. Therefore termites are the best ants and hardworking as well. They can be found in many countries of the world and everywhere their species are different too. 

What’s the dissimilarity between a 19th-century American initiator and a termite exterminator?

One passes through the excellent west and the other gasses through the wood pests.

Just think when termites on a date!

Waiter: What would you like to order, sir?
Termite: Table for two.


Do you know why the ant was so confused? No, tell me, because all his uncles were “ants”!


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