How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants? you can.

How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants? you can.
how to get rid of carpenter ants

How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants Understanding carpenter ants helps you with your carpenter ants extermination plans.

Carpenter ants are a species of ant known for its ability to damage the wood. Carpenter ants will not eat and digest wood in the ways a termite will but are capable of chewing holes in wood. The ants do this to make a nest, which they will attempt to enlarge by chewing the wood up. These ants might also dig a tunnel in the trunk of your tree in the garden and if the trunk is rather soft, then it might kill the tree too. These ants mainly survive on sweets, or feed on other small insects, So how to get rid of carpenter ants?

There are some ways of getting rid of carpenter ants in your house and those steps have been discussed below.

Carpenter Ants: Small but Highly Destructive

how to get rid of carpenter ants
how to get rid of carpenter ants

Before answering your question on how to get rid of carpenter ants, first, let us try and understand what are carpenter ants. I am sure you must have seen these ants around your house quite often but probably never knew what they are called. They are large black ants known for building their nests mainly inside the wooden structures, and by wooden structures, I do not mean only your wooden furniture but even the tree stump that has been lying outside your house for days or maybe the trunk of a tree.


They are small in size, around ½ an inch in size, but the destruction caused by them is massive. Sometimes in order to get rid of these ants, some people often had to renovate their entire home. Some of these ants might even sprout wings that help them to fly mainly during the spring season. They need moisture in order to lay eggs and thus you will often find their nests behind the bathroom tiles or maybe near the sink, near a wet tree trunk and other moist and woody areas. But it’s not necessary that the nests can only be found in moist areas. Now that you have been properly introduced to these black ants, let us now answer your question as to ‘how do I get rid of carpenter ants?’

how to get rid of carpenter ants?

Let me be honest with you; getting rid of ants is tough but possible. Calling the pest control would be a good idea, but there are other simple means too by which you can get rid of these ants, naturally and without spending much money (you can learn more about the home remedies to kill ants). Here are some steps on how to get rid of carpenter ants naturally.

  • The first thing one has to do while trying to either get rid of these carpenter ants or control them is attacking the nest and for that, you have to find out where the nest is.
  • For this, you have to follow the worker ants. Leave some honey or something sweet outside, especially during the night time as these ants are more active during that time, and when these ants catch the bait, instead of killing them, follow them to their nest. For this you need PATIENCE and this might take you day or sometimes even days.
  • Now when you find the nest, say behind a tile or in between walls, spray boric acid powder on it. This is guaranteed to kill all the ants in the nest. boric acid ( Boric acid, like a slow-acting poison, is an effective ingredient in ant bait. The workers gather the boric acid when it’s mixed with tasty food and carry it back to the colony to share, killing many ants at once )
  • When you find the nest, do not try and spray the usual pesticides or insecticides that you use to kill cockroaches or other pests. Instead, you can use the termite spray to get rid of the ants or you can try out some of the ant repellent sprays that are available in the market.
  • DO NOT spray on those ants who are outside the nest as they will lead you to their nest. And also be careful while spraying boric acid on the nest that has been made near the electrical wires as one tiny mistake might give you an electrical shock.

Continual Carpenter Ant Protection

how to get rid of carpenter ants
how to get rid of carpenter ants
  1. Eliminate ways for carpenter ants to gain access to your home. Seal any cracks that you find in your home’s foundation. Caulk your windows and doors so no ants may enter.
  2. Fix any leaky faucets and pipes that may provide moisture that carpenter ants are attracted to. Carpenter ants will build their home next to wood that has become damp. Repair leaky gutters, roofs, dishwashers, washing machines and check any windows that may have an air conditioner in them for water that may come from the unit.
  3. Remove any old wood or piles of firewood away from your house. Carpenter ants often will seek out woods such as this because it can have a high content of moisture and dampness. Rotting fences and decks near a house will also be attractive to a carpenter ant.
  4. Use ant bait to kill the entire colony of carpenter ants. Employ bait  “ Carpenter Ant  Bait.” For the best results, you should look outside the house to see where carpenter ants are active and place a small pile of bait there for the workers to carry back inside the home to the nest where other ants will eat it and die.
  5. Place indoor and baits in places where children and pets will not be exposed to it. Put it in the attic, inside the walls via electrical outlets, beneath carpets, and in corners of out of reach kitchen cabinets.

These steps on how to get rid of carpenter ants in your house are also good to get rid of carpenter ants in trees. If you find difficulty in finding the nest of the ants, then it’s best that you call the pest control and do not try to dig up holes in all the walls just to find the nest.


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