what do termite droppings look like: the first sign of a termite

Termite Droppings

If you see mysterious-looking piles of sawdust-like materials in areas around your home, this may be the first sign of a termite infestation. Termite droppings or frass are very important for termites. Termites use their droppings in a variety of ways. Many termites use their droppings as building materials for their nests. For dry wood termites, they use as defense blocks to seal off tunnels and galleries. Termite droppings can be in two forms, solid and liquid droppings. The form of the termite droppings will depend on the species of termites.

Drywood and Dampwood Termites

Termite Droppings


There are two common species of termites that may invade our homes. These are the dry wood and damp wood termites. They are similar in a way because they both nest inside the wood. They are also the ones who may leave their termite droppings all over our house structure or property.

One thing fascinating about the dry wood termite is that it can excrete both liquid and solid feces. If the weather is humid their termite dropping is in liquid form. But in dry conditions, they can reabsorb the moisture in their intestines and make their droppings into pellets or solid form.

The colony of the dry wood termites is quite small, usually, only under 1000 individuals, and they commonly whitish, slow-moving, and have long bodies.

Termites and Droppings

It is very important to be able to identify termite droppings. Most homeowners should be aware of the characteristics of these termite droppings because they can be a factor in saving your home from termite infestation. The termite feces is recognized as not as harmful or toxic compared to some excrement from animals or insects. In fact, the termite dropping is rich in magnesium and some African tribes use it as a dietary supplement.

The general appearance of termite dropping would depend on the species of termite. If you look at these termites’ pictures you would also see the termite droppings. Drywood termites droppings are in the form of pellets. These termite pellets often resemble coffee grounds or they can also look like sawdust and sand. The color of the termite droppings may also differ as shown here in these termites pictures. The color may range from beige to dark brown and even black. The colors will depend on the type of cellulose food source the termites had eaten.

The termite droppings from dry wood and damp wood termites are similar in appearance. They are hard and rice-shaped in appearance.

Termite Droppings Location

Termite Droppings

Termites Droppings

The hardest thing about termites droppings is that you cannot easily detect them. They can be all over the house structure so it is best to do a thorough check. However, you can search for basements, crawlspaces, and seldom use places like storage areas.

Some termite droppings can be found along the window sills, or at the back of furniture and appliances that are rarely moved. You can also check out under the carpets especially if the floor is made of wood. The attic may also be prone to termite droppings so a thorough inspection of this area is also very important.

If you are checking out building structures, the most obvious places to check are the eaves and sub-roofs of the dwelling. They can also be found on the wood between the floors. There may also be located in the ceilings.

Pest Control on Termite Droppings

It is not really that easy to identify the termite’s droppings. There are also different pests that may have left the droppings at your home. This is where the pest control companies come in. They are more highly trained in detecting and properly identifying the termite dropping at your home. They can identify and classify the fecal droppings that are discovered in the different areas of your home. That is why it is also important to know which reliable pest control company to call when you see these suspicious materials in your home.


Termite Droppings


Pictures of Termite Droppings

Reading about termites droppings, what type of termites may have left the droppings is well and good but it is also very advantageous for a homeowner if you can actually see pictures of termites’ droppings. Being familiar with what they really look like can help you save thousands of dollars because you become vigilant in watching out for termite droppings. One has to remember that our home is the place where we should feel protected and secured. So it is only natural for us to be always aware of pest invasions in our home and what they look like. Only then can we effectively protect and secure our homes. Sure, we can ask for outside help like the pest control companies and exterminators but it should start with us by getting familiar with these termites droppings.


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